It contains functions that model the basic mechanics of the engine.


thermal It contains functions that model the engine coolant temperature.
co2_emission It contains functions to predict the CO2 emissions.
cold_start It contains functions that model the engine cold start.
start_stop It contains functions that model the engine start stop strategy.


calculate_auxiliaries_power_losses Calculates engine power losses due to engine auxiliaries [kW].
calculate_auxiliaries_torque_losses Calculates engine torque losses due to engine auxiliaries [N*m].
calculate_braking_powers Calculates braking power [kW].
calculate_engine_heat_capacity Calculates the engine heat capacity [kg*J/K].
calculate_engine_mass Calculates the engine mass [kg].
calculate_engine_max_power Calculates engine nominal power [kW].
calculate_engine_max_power_v1 Calculates engine nominal power [kW].
calculate_engine_max_torque Calculates engine nominal torque [N*m].
calculate_engine_moment_inertia Calculates engine moment of inertia [kg*m2].
calculate_engine_speeds_out Calculates the engine speed [RPM].
calculate_engine_speeds_out_hot Calculates the engine speed at hot condition [RPM].
calculate_engine_type Calculates the engine type (gasoline turbo, gasoline natural aspiration, diesel).
calculate_friction_powers Calculates friction power [kW].
calculate_max_available_engine_powers_out Calculates the maximum available engine power [kW].
calculate_mean_piston_speeds Calculates mean piston speed [m/sec].
calculate_min_available_engine_powers_out Calculates the minimum available engine power (i.e., engine motoring curve).
calculate_uncorrected_engine_powers_out Calculates the uncorrected engine power [kW].
check_vehicle_has_sufficient_power Checks if the vehicle has sufficient power.
correct_engine_powers_out Corrects the engine powers out according to the available powers and returns the missing and brake power [kW].
default_engine_max_speed Returns the default maximum allowed engine speed [RPM].
default_full_load_speeds_and_powers Returns the defaults full load speeds and powers [RPM, kW].
default_ignition_type Returns the default ignition type according to the fuel type.
default_ignition_type_v1 Returns the default ignition type according to the fuel type.
define_engine_prediction_model Defines the engine prediction model.
define_fuel_type_and_is_hybrid Defines engine fuel type and if the vehicle is hybrid.
define_full_bmep_curve Defines the vehicle full bmep curve.
define_full_load_curve Calculates the full load curve.
define_idle_model_detector Defines idle engine speed model detector.
engine Defines the engine model.
identify_engine_max_speed Identifies the maximum allowed engine speed [RPM].
identify_engine_speed_at_max_power Identifies engine nominal speed at engine nominal power [RPM].
identify_idle_engine_speed Defines the model to identify idle engine speed median and std.
identify_idle_engine_speed_median Identifies idle engine speed [RPM].
identify_idle_engine_speed_std Identifies standard deviation of idle engine speed [RPM].
identify_on_idle Identifies when the engine is on idle [-].
identify_upper_bound_engine_speed Identifies upper bound engine speed [RPM].