6.3. batchΒΆ

It contains functions to process vehicle files.


default_output_file_name Returns the output file name.
default_start_time Returns the default run start time.
default_timestamp Returns the default timestamp.
default_vehicle_name Returns the vehicle name.
get_template_file_name Returns the template file name.
notify_result_listener Utility func to send to the listener the output-file discovered from the results.
parse_dsp_solution Parses the co2mpas model results.
plot_model_workflow Defines the kwargs to plot the dsp workflow.
prepare_data Prepare the data to be processed.
process_folder_files Process all xls-files in a folder with CO2MPAS-model and produces summary.
run_base Defines the vehicle-processing model.
run_plan Defines the plan model.
vehicle_processing_model Defines the vehicle-processing model.