2. Install


On Windows you should install the latest ALLINONE archive and ensure it contains (or upgrade to) the latest CO2MPAS python package; install co2mpas python packages only if you are developing in Python and want to use CO2MPAS.

Installing and using ALLINONE is the official procedure for running CO2MPAS for Type Approval (TA).

2.1. Requirements

  • These are the minimum IT requirements for the Computer to run CO2MPAS & DICE:

  • 64-bit Intel or AMD processor (x86_64, aka x64, aka AMD64);

  • Microsoft Windows 7, or later;

  • 4 GB RAM (more recommended);

  • 2.4 GB hard disk storage for extracting the software, more space for the input/output files;

  • Execution-rights to the installation folder (but no Admin-rights).

  • An e-mail account to send & receive DICE e-mails;

  • Unhindered SMTP access to this email-server (no firewall on ports 25, 465, 587); or access through SOCKS Proxy (see diagram below);

  • Unhindered HTTP/HTTPS web-access (no firewall on ports 80, 443); or access through HTTP Proxy;

  • (optional) Excel, to view & edit simulation’s input and output files;

  • (optional) GitHub account to submit and resolve issues.

2.2. Generic All-In-One Installation under Windows


Specific instructions are given with the announcement email of each release.

  • Download ALLINONE archive from https://github.com/JRCSTU/CO2MPAS-TA/releases/ (it only runs on 64bit PCs).


    Search in older releases if the latest does not contain an ALLINONE archive, and remember to upgrade CO2MPAS afterwords.

  • Use the original “7z” extractor, since “plain-zip” application produces out-of-memory errors when expanding long directories.


    Prefer to extract it in a folder without any spaces in its path.

    Extract Co2mpas-ALLINONE into Desktop
  • Run INSTALL.vbs script contained in the root of the unzipped folder. It will install links for commons CO2MPAS tasks under your Windows Start-Menu.

    Install Co2mpas-ALLINONE shortcupts into Window Start-menu.
  • You can start CO2MPAS from Windows start-menu by pressing the [WinKey] and start typing ‘co2mpas’, or by selecting the CO2MPAS menu item from All Programs.

    Launch |co2mpas| from Window Start-menu.

    Alternatively, advanced users may continue to use the Console.


If you have downloaded an all-in-one from previous version of CO2MPAS you may upgrade CO2MPAS contained within. Instructions should have been provided with the announcement of the new release.


Don’t forget verify CO2MPAS version by checking the output of these commands:

co2mpas -vV
co2dice config paths

2.3. File Contents

RUN_CO2MPAS.bat            ## Asks for Input & Output folders, and runs CO2MPAS for all Excel-files in Input.
CONSOLE.bat                ## Open a python+MSYS2 enabled `cmd.exe` console.

co2mpas-env.bat            ## Sets env-vars for python+MSYS2 and launches arguments as new command
                           ## !!!!! DO NOT MODIFY !!!!! used by Windows StartMenu shortcuts.
bash-console.bat           ## Open a python+MSYS2 enabled `bash` console.

CO2MPAS/                   ## User's HOME directory containing release-files and tutorial-folders.
CO2MPAS/.*                 ## Configuration-files auto-generated by various programs, starting with dot(.).

Apps/MSYS2/                ## Distribution of the MSYS2 Unix-emulation environment (i.e. bash).
Apps/WinPython/            ## Python environment (co2mpas is pre-installed inside it).
Apps/Console2/             ## A versatile console-window supporting decent copy-paste.
Apps/graphviz/             ## Graph-plotting library (needed to generate model-plots).
Apps/gpg4win-2.3.3.exe     ## GPG cryptographic suite installer for Windows.
vc_redist.x64.exe          ## Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015
                           #  (KB2977003 Windows update, prerequisite for running Python-3.5+).
CO2MPAS_logo.ico           ## The logos used by the INSTALL.bat script.

README                     ## This file, with instructions on this pre-populated folder.

2.4. Generic Tips

  • You may freely move & copy this folder around. But prefer NOT TO HAVE SPACES IN THE PATH LEADING TO IT.

  • To view & edit textual files, such as .txt, .bat or config-files starting with dot(.), you may use the “ancient” Window notepad editor, but it will save you from a lot of trouble if you download and install notepad++ from: http://portableapps.com/apps/development/notepadpp_portable (no admin-rights needed).

    Even better if you combine it with the “gem” file-manager of the ’90s, TotalCommander, from http://www.ghisler.com/ (no admin-rights needed). From inside this file-manager, F3 key-shortcut views files.

  • The MSYS2 POSIX-environment and its accompanying bash-shell are a much better choice to give console-commands compare to cmd.exe prompt, supporting auto-completion for various commands (with [TAB] key) and enhanced history search (with [UP]/[DOWN] cursor-keys).

    There are MANY tutorials and crash-courses for bash:

  • The console automatically copies into clipboard anything that is selected with the mouse. In case of errors, copy and paste the offending commands and their error-messages to emails sent to JRC.

  • When a new CO2MPAS version comes out it is not necessary to download the full ALLINONE archive, but you choose instead to just upgrade co2mpas.

    Please follow the upgrade procedure in the main documentation.