Source code for co2mpas.plot

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright 2015-2018 European Commission (JRC);
# Licensed under the EUPL (the 'Licence');
# You may not use this work except in compliance with the Licence.
# You may obtain a copy of the Licence at:
It contains plotting functions for models and/or output results.

import importlib
import logging
import sys

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]def get_model_paths(model_ids=None): """ Returns all CO2MPAS models import paths. :param model_ids: List of models to be returned (e.g., ['co2mpas.physical.physical', 'engine', ...]). .. note:: It it is not specified all models will be returned. :type model_ids: list, None :return: CO2MPAS models import paths. :rtype: list """ co2mpas_model = [ 'batch.vehicle_processing_model', # + '', 'io.load_inputs', 'io.write_outputs', # + ] + [ 'model.%s' % k for k in [ 'model', 'selector.selector', 'selector.co2_params.co2_params_selector' ] + ['physical.%s' % k for k in [ 'physical', 'cycle.cycle', 'cycle.NEDC.nedc_cycle', 'cycle.WLTP.wltp_cycle', 'vehicle.vehicle', 'wheels.wheels', 'final_drive.final_drive', 'clutch_tc.clutch_torque_converter', 'clutch_tc.clutch.clutch', 'clutch_tc.torque_converter.torque_converter', 'electrics.electrics', 'electrics.electrics_prediction.electrics_prediction', 'engine.engine', 'engine.co2_emission.co2_emission', 'engine.cold_start.cold_start', 'engine.start_stop.start_stop', 'engine.thermal.thermal', 'gear_box.gear_box', 'gear_box.mechanical.mechanical', 'gear_box.cvt.cvt_model', 'gear_box.thermal.thermal', 'gear_box.at_gear.at_gear', 'gear_box.at_gear.at_cmv', 'gear_box.at_gear.at_cmv_cold_hot', 'gear_box.at_gear.at_dt_va', 'gear_box.at_gear.at_dt_vap', 'gear_box.at_gear.at_dt_vat', 'gear_box.at_gear.at_dt_vatp', 'gear_box.at_gear.at_gspv', 'gear_box.at_gear.at_gspv_cold_hot', ] ] ] co2mpas_model = {'co2mpas.%s' % k for k in co2mpas_model} if not model_ids: models = co2mpas_model else: model_ids = set(model_ids) models = model_ids.intersection(co2mpas_model) for model_id in model_ids - models: models.update(k for k in co2mpas_model if model_id in k) return sorted(models)
[docs]def plot_model_graphs(model_ids=None, view_in_browser=True, depth=-1, output_folder=None, **kwargs): """ Plots the graph of CO2MPAS models. :param model_ids: List of models to be plotted (e.g., ['co2mpas.physical.physical', 'engine', ...]). .. note:: It it is not specified all models will be plotted. :type model_ids: list|tuple :param view_in_browser: Open the rendered directed graph in the DOT language with the sys default opener. :type view_in_browser: bool, optional :param output_folder: Output folder. :type output_folder: str :param depth: Max level of sub-dispatch plots. If `None` or negative, no limit. :type depth: int, optional :param kwargs: Optional :func:`schedula.utils.drw.dsp2dot` keywords. :type kwargs: dict :return: A list of directed graphs source code in the DOT language. :rtype: list """ models_path = get_model_paths(model_ids=model_ids)'Plotting graph for models: %s', models_path) dot_graphs = [] for model_path in models_path: model_path = model_path.split('.') module_path, object_name = '.'.join(model_path[:-1]), model_path[-1] importlib.import_module(module_path) module = sys.modules[module_path] dsp = getattr(module, object_name)() depth = -1 if depth is None else depth dot = dsp.plot(view=view_in_browser, depth=depth, directory=output_folder, **kwargs) dot_graphs.append(dot) return dot_graphs
[docs]def plot_time_series( dsp, x_id, *y_ids, title=None, x_label=None, y_label=None, **kwargs): """ Plot time series from the dsp. :param dsp: Co2mpas model. :type dsp: schedula.Dispatcher :param x_id: Id of X axes. :type x_id: str | tuple[str] :param y_ids: Ids of data to plot. :type y_ids: tuple[dict | str | tuple[str]] :param title: Plot title. :type title: str :param x_label: Label of X axes. :type x_label: str :param y_label: Label of X axes. :type y_label: str :param kwargs: Optional plot kwargs. :type y_label: dict """ import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import schedula as sh x_id = sh.stlp(x_id) x, x_id = dsp.get_node(*x_id) if x_label is None: x_label = dsp.get_node(*x_id, node_attr='description')[0] if x_label: plt.xlabel(x_label) if title is not None: plt.title(title) for data in y_ids: if not isinstance(data, dict): data = {'id': data, 'x': x} if 'id' in data: y_id = sh.stlp(data.pop('id')) des = y_label is None or 'label' not in data if des or 'y' not in data: y, y_id = dsp.get_node(*y_id) if des: label = dsp.get_node(*y_id, node_attr='description')[0] if y_label is None: y_label = label if 'label' not in data: data['label'] = label or y_id[-1] if 'y' not in data: data['y'] = y elif 'y' not in data: data['y'] = dsp.get_node(*y_id)[0] x = data.pop('x', x) y = data.pop('y') if x.shape[0] != y.shape[0]: y = y.T data.update(kwargs) plt.plot(x, y, **data) if y_label: plt.ylabel(y_label) plt.legend()