dsp = CO2MPAS physical model

Wraps all functions needed to calibrate and predict light-vehicles’ CO2 emissions.

CO2MPAS physical model’s data
accelerations Acceleration vector [m/s2].
after_treatment_cooling_duration After treatment cooling duration [s].
after_treatment_warm_up_duration After treatment warm up duration [s].
after_treatment_warm_up_phases Phases when engine speed is affected by the after treatment warm up [-].
auxiliaries_power_loss Constant power loss due to engine auxiliaries [kW].
auxiliaries_torque_loss Constant torque loss due to engine auxiliaries [N*m].
belt_mean_efficiency Belt mean efficiency [-].
clutch_tc_mean_efficiency Clutch or torque converter mean efficiency [-].
correct_start_stop_with_gears A flag to impose engine on when there is a gear > 0.
dcdc_converter_efficiency DC/DC converter efficiency [-].
drive_battery_model Drive battery current model.
ecms_s Equivalent Consumption Minimization Strategy params.
engine_moment_inertia Engine moment of inertia [kg*m2].
engine_speeds_out_hot Engine speed at hot condition [RPM].
engine_starts When the engine starts [-].
final_drive_mean_efficiency Final drive mean efficiency [-].
final_drive_speeds_in Final drive speed in [RPM].
fuel_map Fuel consumption map [RPM, kW, g/s].
full_load_curve Vehicle full load curve.
gear_box_mean_efficiency Gear box mean efficiency [-].
gear_box_speeds_in Gear box speed [RPM].
gears Gear vector [-].
has_motor_p0 Has the vehicle a motor in P0?
has_motor_p1 Has the vehicle a motor in P1?
has_motor_p2 Has the vehicle a motor in P2?
has_motor_p2_planetary Has the vehicle a motor in planetary P2?
has_motor_p3_front Has the vehicle a motor in P3 front?
has_motor_p3_rear Has the vehicle a motor in P3 rear?
has_motor_p4_front Has the vehicle a motor in P4 front?
has_motor_p4_rear Has the vehicle a motor in P4 rear?
has_start_stop Does the vehicle have start/stop system?
hybrid_modes Hybrid mode status (0: EV, 1: Parallel, 2: Serial).
idle_engine_speed Idle engine speed and its standard deviation [RPM].
is_cycle_hot Is an hot cycle?
is_hybrid Sink node of the dispatcher that collects all unused outputs.
is_serial Is the vehicle serial hybrid?
min_time_engine_on_after_start Minimum time of engine on after a start [s].
motive_powers Motive power [kW].
motor_p0_efficiency Motor P0 efficiency [-].
motor_p0_electric_powers Electric power of motor P0 [kW].
motor_p0_maximum_power Maximum power of motor P0 [kW].
motor_p0_maximum_power_function Maximum power function of motor P0.
motor_p0_speed_ratio Ratio between motor P0 speed and engine speed [-].
motor_p1_efficiency Motor P1 efficiency [-].
motor_p1_electric_powers Electric power of motor P1 [kW].
motor_p1_maximum_power Maximum power of motor P1 [kW].
motor_p1_maximum_power_function Maximum power function of motor P1.
motor_p1_speed_ratio Ratio between motor P1 speed and engine speed [-].
motor_p2_efficiency Motor P2 efficiency [-].
motor_p2_electric_powers Electric power of motor P2 [kW].
motor_p2_maximum_power Maximum power of motor P2 [kW].
motor_p2_maximum_powers Maximum power vector of motor P2 [kW].
motor_p2_planetary_efficiency Motor P2 efficiency [-].
motor_p2_planetary_electric_powers Electric power of planetary motor P2 [kW].
motor_p2_planetary_maximum_power Maximum power of planetary motor P2 [kW].
motor_p2_planetary_maximum_power_function Maximum power function of planetary motor P2.
motor_p2_planetary_speed_ratio Ratio between planetary motor P2 speed and planetary speed [-].
motor_p3_front_efficiency Motor P3 efficiency [-].
motor_p3_front_electric_powers Electric power of motor P3 front [kW].
motor_p3_front_maximum_power Maximum power of motor P3 [kW].
motor_p3_front_maximum_powers Maximum power vector of motor P3 front [kW].
motor_p3_rear_efficiency Motor P3 efficiency [-].
motor_p3_rear_electric_powers Electric power of motor P3 rear [kW].
motor_p3_rear_maximum_power Maximum power of motor P3 [kW].
motor_p3_rear_maximum_powers Maximum power vector of motor P3 rear [kW].
motor_p4_front_efficiency Motor P4 efficiency [-].
motor_p4_front_electric_powers Electric power of motor P4 front [kW].
motor_p4_front_maximum_power Maximum power of motor P4 [kW].
motor_p4_front_maximum_powers Maximum power vector of motor P4 front [kW].
motor_p4_rear_efficiency Motor P4 efficiency [-].
motor_p4_rear_electric_powers Electric power of motor P4 rear [kW].
motor_p4_rear_maximum_power Maximum power of motor P4 [kW].
motor_p4_rear_maximum_powers Maximum power vector of motor P4 rear [kW].
motors_electric_powers Cumulative motors electric power [kW].
on_engine If the engine is on [-].
planetary_mean_efficiency Planetary mean efficiency [-].
planetary_ratio Fundamental planetary speed ratio [-].
start_stop_activation_time Start-stop activation time threshold [s].
start_stop_hybrid_params Params of start stop model for hybrid electric vehicles.
start_stop_model Start/stop model.
starter_model Starter model.
times Time vector [s].
velocities Velocity vector [km/h].
CO2MPAS physical model’s dispatchers
after_treat_model Models the after treatment.
control_model Models the vehicle control strategy.
electric_model Models the vehicle electrics.