6.5. utilsΒΆ

It contains classes and functions of general utility.

These are python-specific utilities and hacks - general data-processing or numerical operations.


bin_split Splits the input data with variable bins.
clear_fluctuations Clears the gear identification fluctuations.
derivative Find the 1-st derivative of a spline at a point.
grouper Collect data into fixed-length chunks or blocks.
interpolate_cloud Defines a function that interpolate a cloud of points.
median_filter Calculates the moving median-high of y values over a constant dx.
parse_key_value_pair Argument-type for syntax like: KEY [+*?:]= VALUE.
reject_outliers Calculates the median and standard deviation of the sample rejecting the outliers.
ret_v Returns a function that return the argument v.
sliding_window Returns a sliding window (of width dx) over data from the iterable.