Dispatcher.__init__(dmap=None, name='', default_values=None, raises=False, description='', caller=None, stopper=None)[source]

Initializes the dispatcher.

  • dmap (networkx.DiGraph, optional) – A directed graph that stores data & functions parameters.
  • name (str, optional) – The dispatcher’s name.
  • default_values (dict[str, dict], optional) – Data node default values. These will be used as input if it is not specified as inputs in the ArciDispatch algorithm.
  • raises (bool, optional) – If True the dispatcher interrupt the dispatch when an error occur, otherwise it logs a warning.
  • description (str, optional) – The dispatcher’s description.
  • caller (str, optional) – Who calls my caller?
  • stopper (threading.Event, optional) – A semaphore to abort the dispatching.