It provides tools to create models with the Dispatcher().


are_in_nested_dicts Nested keys are inside of nested-dictionaries.
bypass Returns the same arguments.
combine_dicts Combines multiple dicts in one.
combine_nested_dicts Merge nested-dictionaries.
get_nested_dicts Get/Initialize the value of nested-dictionaries.
map_dict Returns a dict with new key values.
map_list Returns a new dict.
replicate_value Replicates n times the input value.
selector Selects the chosen dictionary keys from the given dictionary.
stack_nested_keys Stacks the keys of nested-dictionaries into tuples and yields a list of k-v pairs.
summation Sums inputs values.


DFun A 3-tuple (out, fun, **kwds), used to prepare a list of calls to Dispatcher.add_function().
ReplicateFunction Replicates a function.
SubDispatch It dispatches a given Dispatcher() like a function.
SubDispatchFunction It converts a Dispatcher() into a function.
SubDispatchPipe It converts a Dispatcher() into a function.
add_args Adds arguments to a function (left side).
parse_args Parse an argument as magic args.