It contains functions that model the electrics of the vehicle.


electrics_prediction It contains functions to predict the electrics of the vehicle.


calculate_alternator_powers_demand Calculates the alternator power demand to the engine [kW].
calculate_engine_start_demand Calculates the energy required to start the engine [kJ].
calculate_max_alternator_current Calculates the max feasible alternator current [A].
calculate_state_of_charges Calculates the state of charge of the battery [%].
calibrate_alternator_current_model Calibrates an alternator current model that predicts alternator current [A].
calibrate_alternator_status_model Calibrates the alternator status model.
default_initial_state_of_charge Return the default initial state of charge of the battery [%].
define_alternator_current_model Defines an alternator current model that predicts alternator current [A].
define_alternator_status_model Defines the alternator status model.
define_electrics_model Defines the electrics model.
electrics Defines the electrics model.
identify_alternator_charging_currents Identifies the mean charging currents of the alternator [A].
identify_alternator_current_threshold Identifies the alternator current threshold [A] that identifies when the alternator is off.
identify_alternator_initialization_time Identifies the alternator initialization time delta [s].
identify_alternator_starts_windows Identifies the alternator starts windows [-].
identify_charging_statuses Identifies when the alternator is on due to 1:state of charge or 2:BERS or 3: initialization [-].
identify_charging_statuses_and_alternator_initialization_time Identifies when the alternator statuses [-] and alternator initialization time delta [s].
identify_electric_loads Identifies vehicle electric load and engine start demand [kW].
identify_max_battery_charging_current Identifies the maximum charging current of the battery [A].
identify_state_of_charge_balance_and_window Identifies the battery state of charge balance and its window [%].
predict_vehicle_electrics Predicts alternator and battery currents, state of charge, and alternator status.