Defines the CO2MPAS physical model.

Wraps all functions needed to calibrate and predict light-vehicles’ CO2 emissions.

CO2MPAS physical model’s data
CMV A gear shifting matrix (cmv or gspv).
CMV_Cold_Hot A gear shifting matrix (cmv or gspv).
CVT Continuously variable transmission model.
DT_VA A decision tree classifier to predict gears.
DT_VAP A decision tree classifier to predict gears.
DT_VAT A decision tree classifier to predict gears.
DT_VATP A decision tree classifier to predict gears.
GSPV A gear shifting matrix (cmv or gspv).
GSPV_Cold_Hot A gear shifting matrix (cmv or gspv).
MVL Matrix velocity limits (upper and lower bound) [km/h].
accelerations Acceleration vector [m/s2].
active_cylinder_ratios Possible active cylinder ratios [-].
aerodynamic_drag_coefficient Aerodynamic drag coefficient [-].
after_treatment_temperature_threshold Engine coolant temperature threshold when the after treatment system is warm [°C].
air_density Air density [kg/m3].
alternator_charging_currents Mean charging currents of the alternator (for negative and positive power)[A].
alternator_current_model Alternator current model.
alternator_currents Alternator current vector [A].
alternator_efficiency Alternator efficiency [-].
alternator_initialization_time Alternator initialization time delta [s].
alternator_nominal_power Alternator nominal power [kW].
alternator_nominal_voltage Alternator nominal voltage [V].
alternator_off_threshold Maximum negative current for being considered the alternator off [A].
alternator_powers_demand Alternator power demand to the engine [kW].
alternator_start_window_width Alternator start window width [s].
alternator_status_model A function that predicts the alternator status.
alternator_statuses The alternator status (0: off, 1: on, due to state of charge, 2: on due to BERS, 3: on and initialize battery) [-].
angle_slope Angle slope [rad].
angle_slopes Angle slope vector [rad].
auxiliaries_power_loss Constant power loss due to engine auxiliaries [kW].
auxiliaries_power_losses Engine torque losses due to engine auxiliaries [N*m].
auxiliaries_torque_loss Constant torque loss due to engine auxiliaries [N*m].
auxiliaries_torque_losses Engine torque losses due to engine auxiliaries [N*m].
bag_phases Bag phases [-].
battery_capacity Battery capacity [Ah].
battery_currents Low voltage battery current vector [A].
calibration_tc_speed_threshold Calibration torque converter speeds delta threshold [RPM].
change_gear_window_width Time window used to apply gear change filters [s].
climbing_force Vehicle climbing resistance [N].
clutch_model Clutch prediction model.
clutch_tc_powers Clutch or torque converter power [kW].
clutch_tc_speeds_delta Delta engine speed [RPM].
clutch_window Clutching time window [s].
co2_emission_extra_high CO2 emission on extra high WLTP phase [CO2g/km].
co2_emission_high CO2 emission on high WLTP phase [CO2g/km].
co2_emission_low CO2 emission on low WLTP phase [CO2g/km].
co2_emission_medium CO2 emission on medium WLTP phase [CO2g/km].
co2_emission_value CO2 emission value of the cycle [CO2g/km].
co2_emissions CO2 instantaneous emissions vector [CO2g/s].
co2_emissions_model CO2 emissions model (co2_emissions = models(params)).
co2_error_function_on_emissions Error function (according to co2 emissions time series) to calibrate the CO2 emission model params.
co2_error_function_on_phases Error function (according to co2 emissions phases) to calibrate the CO2 emission model params.
co2_normalization_references CO2 normalization references (e.g., engine loads) [-].
co2_params CO2 emission model parameters (a2, b2, a, b, c, l, l2, t, trg).
co2_params_calibrated CO2 emission model parameters (a2, b2, a, b, c, l, l2, t, trg).
co2_params_initial_guess Initial guess of CO2 emission model params.
cold_start_speed_model Cold start speed model.
cold_start_speeds_delta Engine speed delta due to the cold start [RPM].
cold_start_speeds_phases Phases when engine speed is affected by the cold start [-].
correct_f0 A different preconditioning cycle was used for WLTP and NEDC?
correct_start_stop_with_gears A flag to impose engine on when there is a gear > 0.
cycle_type Cycle type (WLTP or NEDC).
declared_co2_emission_value Declared CO2 emission value of the cycle [CO2g/km].
delta_time_engine_starter Time elapsed to turn on the engine with electric starter [s].
downscale_factor Velocity downscale factor [-].
downscale_factor_threshold Velocity downscale factor threshold [-].
downscale_phases Downscale phases [s].
driver_mass Driver mass [kg].
electric_load Vehicle electric load (engine off and on) [kW].
electrics_model Electrics model.
enable_phases_willans Enable the calculation of Willans coefficients for all phases?
enable_willans Enable the calculation of Willans coefficients for the cycle?
engine_capacity Engine capacity [cm3].
engine_coolant_temperatures Engine coolant temperature vector [°C].
engine_fuel_lower_heating_value Fuel lower heating value [kJ/kg].
engine_has_cylinder_deactivation Does the engine have cylinder deactivation technology?
engine_has_variable_valve_actuation Does the engine feature variable valve actuation? [-].
engine_heat_capacity Engine heat capacity [kg*J/K].
engine_idle_fuel_consumption Fuel consumption at hot idle engine speed [g/s].
engine_is_turbo If the engine is equipped with any kind of charging.
engine_mass Engine mass [kg].
engine_max_power Maximum power [kW].
engine_max_speed Maximum allowed engine speed [RPM].
engine_max_speed_at_max_power Rated engine speed [RPM].
engine_max_torque Engine nominal power [kW].
engine_moment_inertia Engine moment of inertia [kg*m2].
engine_powers_out Engine power vector [kW].
engine_speeds_out Engine speed [RPM].
engine_speeds_out_hot Engine speed at hot condition [RPM].
engine_starts When the engine starts [-].
engine_stroke Engine stroke [mm].
engine_temperature_derivatives Derivative of the engine temperature [°C/s].
engine_temperature_regression_model The calibrated engine temperature regression model.
engine_thermostat_temperature Engine normalization temperature [°C].
engine_thermostat_temperature_window Thermostat engine temperature limits [°C].
engine_type Engine type (positive turbo, positive natural aspiration, compression).
equivalent_gear_box_heat_capacity Equivalent gear box heat capacity [kg*J/K].
extended_phases_co2_emissions CO2 emission of cycle phases [CO2g/km].
extended_phases_integration_times Cycle phases integration times [s].
f0 Rolling resistance force [N] when angle_slope == 0.
f0_uncorrected Uncorrected rolling resistance force [N] when angle_slope == 0.
f1 Defined by dyno procedure [N/(km/h)].
f2 As used in the dyno and defined by respective guidelines [N/(km/h)^2].
final_drive_efficiency Final drive efficiency [-].
final_drive_powers_in Final drive power in [kW].
final_drive_ratio Final drive ratio [-].
final_drive_speeds_in Wheel speed vector [RPM].
final_drive_torque_loss Constant Final drive torque loss [N*m].
final_drive_torques_in Final drive torque in [N*m].
frontal_area Frontal area of the vehicle [m2].
fuel_carbon_content Fuel carbon content [CO2g/g].
fuel_carbon_content_percentage Fuel carbon content [%].
fuel_consumptions Instantaneous fuel consumption vector [g/s].
fuel_density Fuel density [g/l].
fuel_saving_at_strategy Apply the eco-mode gear shifting?
fuel_type Fuel type (diesel, gasoline, LPG, NG, ethanol, biodiesel).
full_load_curve Vehicle full load curve.
full_load_powers Power at the wheels [kW].
full_load_speeds Rotating speed of the wheel [RPM].
full_load_torques Torque at the wheel [N*m].
gear_box_efficiencies Gear box efficiency vector [-].
gear_box_efficiency_constants Vehicle gear box efficiency constants.
gear_box_efficiency_parameters_cold_hot Parameters of gear box efficiency model for cold/hot phases:
gear_box_powers_in Gear box power vector [kW].
gear_box_ratios Gear box ratios [-].
gear_box_speeds_in Gear box speed vector [RPM].
gear_box_temperature_references Cold and hot reference temperatures [°C].
gear_box_temperatures Temperature vector [°C].
gear_box_torque_losses Gear box torques losses [N*m].
gear_box_torques_in Torque required vector [N*m].
gear_box_type Gear box type (manual or automatic or cvt).
gear_shifts When there is a gear shifting [-].
gears Gear vector [-].
has_energy_recuperation Does the vehicle have energy recuperation features?
has_exhausted_gas_recirculation Does the engine have exhaust gas recirculation technology?
has_gear_box_thermal_management Does the gear box have some additional technology to heat up faster?
has_lean_burn Does the engine have lean burn technology?
has_periodically_regenerating_systems Does the vehicle has periodically regenerating systems? [-].
has_selective_catalytic_reduction Does the engine have selective catalytic reduction technology?
has_start_stop Does the vehicle have start/stop system?
has_sufficient_power If the vehicle has sufficient power.
has_torque_converter Does the vehicle use torque converter? [-]
identified_co2_emissions CO2 instantaneous emissions vector [CO2g/s].
idle_engine_speed Idle engine speed and its standard deviation [RPM].
idle_engine_speed_median Idle engine speed [RPM].
idle_engine_speed_std Standard deviation of idle engine speed [RPM].
ignition_type Engine ignition type (positive or compression).
inertial_factor Factor that considers the rotational inertia [%].
initial_engine_temperature Engine initial temperature [°C]
initial_friction_params Engine initial friction params l & l2 [-].
initial_gear_box_temperature initial_gear_box_temperature [°C].
initial_state_of_charge Initial state of charge of the battery [%].
initial_temperature Initial engine temperature [°C].
is_cycle_hot Is an hot cycle?
is_hybrid Is the vehicle hybrid?
k1 K1 NEDC parameter (first or second gear) [-].
k2 K2 NEDC parameter (first or second gear) [-].
k5 K5 NEDC parameter (first or second gear) [-].
ki_factor Correction for vehicles with periodically regenerating systems [-].
lock_up_tc_limits Limits (vel, acc) when torque converter is active [km/h, m/s].
lockup_speed_ratio Minimum speed ratio where torque ratio==1.
max_battery_charging_current Maximum charging current of the battery [A].
max_engine_coolant_temperature Maximum engine coolant temperature [°C].
max_gear Maximum gear of the gear box [-].
max_speed_velocity_ratio Maximum speed velocity ratio of the gear box [h*RPM/km].
max_time Maximum time [s].
max_velocity Max vehicle velocity [km/h].
max_velocity_full_load_correction Maximum velocity to apply the correction due to the full load curve.
min_engine_on_speed Minimum engine speed to consider the engine to be on [RPM].
min_time_engine_on_after_start Minimum time of engine on after a start [s].
missing_powers Missing powers [kW].
motive_powers Motive power [kW].
n_dyno_axes Number of dyno axes [-].
n_gears Number of gears [-].
n_wheel_drive Number of wheel drive [-].
obd_velocities OBD velocity vector [km/h].
on_engine If the engine is on [-].
on_idle If the engine is on idle [-].
optimal_efficiency Optimal efficiency and the respective parameters:
phases_co2_emissions CO2 emission of cycle phases [CO2g/km].
phases_fuel_consumptions Fuel consumption of cycle phases [l/100km].
phases_integration_times Cycle phases integration times [s].
phases_willans_factors Willans factors:
plateau_acceleration Maximum acceleration to be at constant velocity [m/s2].
r_dynamic Dynamic radius of the wheels [m].
r_wheels Radius of the wheels [m].
road_loads Cycle road loads [N, N/(km/h), N/(km/h)^2].
rolling_resistance_coeff Rolling resistance coefficient [-].
specific_gear_shifting Specific gear shifting model.
speed_velocity_ratios Speed velocity ratios of the gear box [h*RPM/km].
stand_still_torque_ratio Torque ratio when speed ratio==0.
start_demand Energy required to start engine [kJ].
start_stop_activation_time Start-stop activation time threshold [s].
start_stop_model Start/stop model.
state_of_charge_balance Battery state of charge balance [%].
state_of_charge_balance_window Battery state of charge balance window [%].
state_of_charges State of charge of the battery [%].
stop_velocity Maximum velocity to consider the vehicle stopped [km/h].
time_cold_hot_transition Time at cold hot transition phase [s].
time_sample_frequency Time frequency [1/s].
times Time vector [s].
torque_converter_model Torque converter model.
tyre_code Tyre code (e.g.,P225/70R14).
tyre_dimensions Tyre dimensions.
tyre_dynamic_rolling_coefficient Dynamic rolling coefficient [-].
use_basic_start_stop If True the basic start stop model is applied, otherwise complex one.
use_dt_gear_shifting If to use decision tree classifiers to predict gears.
vehicle_mass Vehicle mass [kg].
velocities Velocity vector [km/h].
velocity_speed_ratios Constant velocity speed ratios of the gear box [km/(h*RPM)].
wheel_powers Power at the wheels [kW].
wheel_speeds Rotating speed of the wheel [RPM].
wheel_torques Torque at the wheels [N*m].
willans_factors Willans factors:
wltp_class WLTP vehicle class.
CO2MPAS physical model’s functions
predict_vehicle_electrics_and_engine_behavior Predicts alternator and battery currents, state of charge, alternator status, if the engine is on and when the engine starts, the engine speed at hot condition, and the engine coolant temperature.
CO2MPAS physical model’s dispatchers
clutch_torque_converter_model Models the clutch and torque-converter.
cycle_model Returns the theoretical times, velocities, and gears.
electric_model Models the vehicle electrics.
engine_model Models the vehicle engine.
final_drive_model Models the final drive.
gear_box_model Models the gear box.
vehicle_model Calculates forces and power acting on the vehicle.
wheels_model It models the wheel dynamics.
Returns:The CO2MPAS physical model.
Return type:co2mpas.dispatcher.Dispatcher