It contains functions that model the basic mechanics of the final drive.


calculate_final_drive_efficiencies Calculates final drive efficiency [-].
calculate_final_drive_powers_in Calculates final drive power [kW].
calculate_final_drive_ratio_vector Calculates the final drive ratio vector [-].
calculate_final_drive_ratios Defines final drive ratios for each gear [-].
calculate_final_drive_speeds_in Calculates final drive speed [RPM].
calculate_final_drive_torque_losses Calculates final drive torque losses [N*m].
calculate_final_drive_torque_losses_v1 Calculates final drive torque losses [N*m].
calculate_final_drive_torques_in Calculates final drive torque [N*m].
domain_final_drive_torque_losses_v1 Check the validity of number of wheel drive respect to the dyno axes assuming 2 wheels per axes.
final_drive Defines the final drive model.